Gel Memory Foam Mattress

How to Buy Gel Memory Foam Mattresses

What is Gel Memory Foam?

Gel memory foam mattresses feature traditional foam surfaces with gel beads or swirls integrated into the memory foam. The idea behind the added gel material serves to redistribute heat transmitted by bed occupants to maximize comfort. Gel memory foam is a temperature regulating material and redirects the heat into the polyurethane materials below and away from the bodies of people sleeping. Traditional spring mattresses often feature gel or memory foam materials, as well. Reviews generally speak more highly of mattresses using blended composition to bring out the best features of each material.

Varied Selection

Shoppers visiting online find plush models of gel memory foam mattresses made by some of the top manufacturers in the industry. Available in king and queen dimensions, the gel memory foam mattress options provide room for two full-grown adults. Models available also feature Euro pillow top covers. Rooms To Go online shoppers may purchase gel memory foam mattresses alone or as part of sets with box-spring bases.

Gel Memory Foam Mattress Brands

Used as a temperature regulating material to help sleepers who experience rising temperatures while resting, gel memory foam mattresses provide varied relief depending on numerous factors. This situation leads to a deeper sleep. On, you can find some of the best brands in the business, including Serta and Kingsdown. Available in both king and queen sets, with low profile box-springs available for the person who does not like to climb up into bed, we have just the right fit for your sleeping needs.

Serta iComfort - Serta was the first to incorporate to gel into memory foam. The Serta iComfort collection offers a good night's rest to those looking for pressure relief, support, and an enhanced, cooling, comfortable level of sleep. Made with the company's trademarked Cool Action Dual Effects Gel Memory Foam, each iComfort mattress is infused with both supporting and cooling gels to provide you with the most supportive and comfortable sleep surface possible. Additionally, the iComfort gel mattresses reduce any heat buildup typically associated with memory foam mattresses.

Kingsdown - In contrast, Kingsdown makes a variety of mattresses utilizing gel-infused memory foam. Engineered to allow air flow and movement throughout the sleep surface, Kingsdown Blu-Tek mattresses allow for the sleeper's body temperature to decrease naturally, counteracting all the buildup of core body temperature that may negatively impact general health and sleep. With ventilated fabrics and phase-changing gel to adapt to movement, Kingsdown offers the very best in the innovative sleep surface.

Beautyrest - Created by Simmons, the Beautyrest brand of mattresses offers the latest in cutting-edge technologies and innovations designed to revolutionize the way we sleep. The longstanding brand first emerged in the 1920s and boasts a history of embracing new advancements such as gel memory foam. Beautyrest gel memory foam mattresses take sleep to the next level by continuously adapting to the preferred sleep position of each individual user. Unlike traditional foam selections, which retain heat easily and often cause the body to sink into the bed, the AirCool memory foam with GelTouch technology delivers contouring support directly to pressure points while regulating the temperature of the mattress to keep the sleep surface cool and comfortable. By cradling the body and removing excess heat, a gel memory foam mattress by Beautyrest helps the user fall asleep faster and creates a more effective sleep experience.

Sealy Posturepedic - Designed in part by a team of doctors, clinical specialists, and orthopedic surgeons, Sealy Posturepedic mattresses come with gel memory foam in certain selections. Each piece of merchandise available in the Sealy Posturepedic gel memory foam mattress collection features patented material called OptiCool. More effective than standard foam alone, OptiCool gel memory foam generates ideal conditions for sleeping by pulling heat away from the body and regulating the temperature of the mattress surface. The surface of each mattress also offers the SolidEdge HD System, which increases the amount of usable space for slumbering. From the interior of the mattress, the CoreSupport Center delivers added support to the area of the sleep surface that typically cradles the heaviest part of the body.

Stearns and Foster - Developed by Stearns and Foster, the Villa mattress collection puts a luxurious sleep experience within reach of mattress shoppers. Each mattress in the branded collection features memory foam infused with specialized gels and comfort layers that make the surface ideal to sleep on. Stearns and Foster Villa gel memory foam mattresses contain various combinations of PrimaCool and PrimaSense foams to cradle the body and dissipate heat, while PrimaCore comfort layers provide enhanced support. With multiple layers of the popular material resting just below the sleep surface, each selection offers the body-conforming and temperature-regulating properties consumers generally seek when shopping for a gel memory foam mattress. Infused with premium fabrics like silk or cashmere, the mattress cover also helps regulate the temperature of the sleep surface by wicking away excess moisture.

Therapedic - Already made with the most supportive, comfortable, and durable materials available, Therapedic mattresses often deliver the many advantages of gel memory foam, as well. With a Therapedic gel memory foam mattress, layers of firm and plush foams combine to create a comfortable sleep surface that matches the personal preferences of the user. The foam layers also contain infusions of TheraCool gel, which keeps the mattress at a comfortable temperature while contouring to the curves of the body for fully customized support. By adjusting to the shape of the body, the mattress provides relief at common pressure points and ensures the proper alignment of the spine. Featuring an open cell design, the gel memory foam also helps to improve circulation and keep the mattress properly ventilated.