Living Room Furniture Sets

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Create the lounging or entertaining space of your dreams with a single purchase. Furniture sets are a simple and cost-effective way to furnish your living room from scratch.

Furniture sets get rid of the stress of finding individual pieces to outfit your living room and give you free rein to choose a style you love. Plus, purchasing furniture in a set gives you a visual sense of how to arrange your furniture in your home.

Take the guesswork out of a living room that blends style and functionality with a furniture set. For more information on choosing a set that works with your home and style, check out our buying guide.

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What furniture pieces are normally found in living rooms?

A living room set includes any combination of a loveseat , a three-seater sofa, an L-shaped or U-shaped sectional, a chaise, an armchair, an ottoman, side tables , a coffee tablea , and accent benches. Living room sets ensure that the upholstery, design, and color of your sofas, chairs, and tables seamlessly match. With a set, you spend less time trying to match your furniture elements and more time lounging in your favorite spot.

Does living room furniture need to match?

Living room furniture doesn’t need to match. Mismatched pieces add personalization and unique style to a room. When working with mismatched pieces, ensure there’s a through-line, such as a color palette or material, that ties the room together. However, if you’re looking for a more sophisticated and timeless appeal, a matching set eliminates the time spent cultivating a living room and ensures your pieces fit together.

Where should a TV be placed in the living room?

A TV can be the focal point of a room, but there are a few considerations to keep in mind when determining placement. If you want your TV to be the centerpiece of your furniture setup, ensure it’s centrally placed and visible from all seating options and that your TV is out of the way of excess sunlight or glare.