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Outdoor Umbrellas

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Outdoor Umbrellas

Looking to enhance the al fresco ambiance of your backyard while providing protection from the sun? An outdoor umbrella may just be the right solution for you. For outdoor areas that don’t fall under the shade of a roof or awning, an umbrella is a great addition for the patio, deck, poolside, or any other spaces you want to enjoy. Depending on your setup and the overall aesthetic of your exterior decor, there are myriad different styles and materials of umbrellas to choose from. Learn more in the guide below.

Before You Buy

Take the following steps before you bring home your new outdoor umbrella.

Make Sure You're On Level Ground

In order to safely and effectively place an umbrella outdoors, it’s important that the area you want to shade is on a flat surface—otherwise, you’ll run the risk of the umbrella toppling, or being more easily blown over by wind.

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