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Storage Furniture

Our belongings can accumulate quickly, even for those that subscribe to the most minimalistic of lifestyles. Once our spaces start to overflow, it can feel like we’ve lost control of our personal style—especially in smaller spaces. Identifying clever storage solutions for every room of the house can keep the chaos at bay while also lending design that’s easy on the eyes. Check out our complete full storage guide below for recommendations you can put to use across your home.

Storage: Where to begin?

Although it’s a simple concept, many would consider efficient storage an art. There’s a reason people have made full careers out of organization. Let’s start with some of the basic concepts.

Take the opportunity to scale down.

Before you start scheming your storage strategy, it’s helpful to do a deep clean of the spaces you need to make tidy. There’s no sense in storing items you never use and the extra space is often tricky to come by!

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