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You’ve put so much time and effort into perfecting the interior design of your home—why stop there? Your outdoor spaces can serve either as an extension of your indoor aesthetic or provide an opportunity to play around with a completely different theme. Either way, with the right outdoor wall décor, you’ll be able to transform blank walls into a canvas for personal expression. From sculptural timepieces to wooden signage (and more), there is a piece to suit any style and personality. Read on to learn more.

Before You Buy

Take Measurements


How much wall space do you have? Are you looking to decorate an entire wall, fill in some spaces, or showcase one piece of décor?

Familiarize Yourself With Material Options

Though you’ll find many similarities between indoor and outdoor wall décor, their materials are not created equal; you’ll want any exterior accents to be built to withstand the elements. Look for pieces that are resistant to water, rust and fading.

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