Contemporary style is a simple, uncluttered design that honors the space it inhabits. Natural colors, clean lines, and functionality are hallmarks of a successful contemporary style.

    How To Decorate in a Contemporary Style

    Contemporary style has a lightweight and clean look. Stay simple with pieces that have classic shapes and natural textures. A brown leather or gray linen couch paired with a light-colored wood coffee table set the base for a contemporary home.

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    Natural Textiles
    Blending natural elements into your design is key for a contemporary design — think metal, stone, and wood.
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    Lightweight Pieces
    Contemporary designs should feel free and open. Choose furniture that seem to float within your space.
    Classic Shapes
    Clean lines are essential to a contemporary design. Look for simple yet sophisticated forms.
    Light-toned Wood
    Open your room with light-colored wood pieces. Contemporary designs favors airy and natural elements.

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    Contemporary Living Rooms
    Feel at peace in an open and inviting space. Contemporary living rooms should be functional, subtle, and classy.
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