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Contemporary style celebrates doing more with less. Minimal accessories and solid or subtly patterned fabrics rule the day. Often considered synonymous with modern furniture, which isn’t exactly true, contemporary-style furniture focuses on function, with pale and neutral colors. Modern tends to be more rigid in its guidelines while contemporary gives you more room to explore. Shop our expansive contemporary-style collection and see what catches your eye.

Contemporary design is timeless because it lives in the moment. It incorporates elements from other designs and aesthetics and creates something truly unique, that can look modern, traditional, minimalist, or art deco depending on the room or corner.

Contemporary design is always evolving, but it’s best known for the calm and serene aura it imprints on houses, rooms, or offices. It sticks to a mostly neutral, and concise color palette that expresses sophistication, clean lines, open spaces, and plentiful light sources that allow a balance between decorative details.