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Bed? Check. Dresser? Check. Bookshelves filled to the brim with reading materials and toys? Check. What more could you possibly need for your child’s bedroom? Enter: wall décor for kids. Similarly to adult rooms, wall décor is an excellent way to fill up blank spaces; the difference is that for children, you have the opportunity to inject fun and personality into the room, yet also will want to accommodate quickly changing interests. Read on to learn more.

Before You Buy

The first step, as always, should be accurately measuring the spaces you’d like to fill. You’ll also want to consider how you’d like your little one’s wall décor to fit into the room aesthetically, as well as taking into account their personality and preferences. Also think about how long you’d like any decorative pieces to last; are they at an age where you can keep the same accents up for a few years, or are they on the brink of outgrowing what they love? This will help inform how much you may want to invest in your purchases.

Picture Frames

One of the more classic options, you can use frames to showcase photos or prints that will turn some of their favorite images into an artful display. Arrange frames in a straight line, as a gallery wall, or use them to fill in gaps of space. If your child is on the younger side, make sure to hang them out of reach. You can also select frames with rounded corners to make them even more safe.

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