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Accent Chairs

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Accent Chairs

The Accent Chairs Guide

An accent chair can serve many purposes, and will often do more heavy lifting in the aesthetic expression than its name would imply. This decorative but functional seating can be placed in living rooms, bedrooms, home offices—or even bathrooms! Adding an accent chair to any space can be a fun exercise in creative expression, while providing additional surface area to sit, gather, or create ambiance. Check out our guide below to find the perfect accent chair for your home.

Uses for an Accent Chair

There may be uses of an accent chair you haven’t even thought of yet. Before you ramp up the search, consider some of the most common ways accent chairs are used.

Add (Temporary) Extra Seating

Any party host knows how much thought goes into making sure each guest feels welcome and accommodated. Whether it be in the dining room or living room, accent chairs that are easy to move and store can increase comfortable sitting space.

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