Mid-Century Modern Decor & Furniture

Mid-Century Modern Style Furniture

Bring a blend of modern chicness and classic sophistication to your home using mid-century modern furniture and decor. Pieces in this style feature sleek, updated designs with a hint of old-world charm, creating the perfect balance between laidback and formal aesthetics. Since mid-Century modern design has such a comfy and timeless appeal, it is an excellent style choice for almost any room.

Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Establish a cozy yet elegant living room design by placing a mid-century modern sofa or sectional in the center of the space. If you're decorating a large layout, consider adding a mid-century modern chair, loveseat and recliner as well. Round out the look by placing a mid-century modern TV stand across from your seating arrangement.

Along with providing practical family room storage and display space, chic accent tables can showcase the more sophisticated side of mid-century style. Many mid-century modern coffee tables feature polished wood, glass or marble tops, while mid-century modern end tables sometimes have metallic gold or silver-tipped angle legs.

Mid-Century Dining Room

To extend your mid-century design to the dining room, start with a beautiful and spacious mid-century modern dining table. Select a round table with a mirrored top to add depth to a small dinette area. Or, use a rectangular wooden trestle table to furnish a grand formal dining room. When it comes to choosing mid-century modern dining chairs, pick plush, padded seats for extra comfort.

You can also decorate your eat-in kitchen or breakfast nook with a mid-century kitchen design. Tuck a set of mid-century modern bar stools around your kitchen island to create a chic countertop spot for casual dining. If you're low on cabinet space, place a mid-century modern sideboard along your kitchen wall to hold dinnerware, table cloths and linen napkins.

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

Comfy mid-century modern beds come in a wide range of sizes to suit almost any bedroom. Give your little one a plush, upholstered mid-century twin bed to make bedtime extra cozy. For your teens, consider full-size models that offer plenty of elbow room. Browse large king and queen-size beds to outfit your primary bedroom suite. Or, choose a futon or daybed to save space in a tiny room.

For clothing and bed linen storage in your bedroom, set up a mid-century modern dresser and chest of drawers. Use a set of mid-century modern nightstands to hold eyeglasses, alarm clocks and paperbacks by your bedside. If you need bedroom seating that offers even more storage, set a mid-century modern storage bench with velvet upholstery and button tufting at the foot of the bed.

Mid-Century Decor

Mid-century furniture and decor are perfect for creating a stately aesthetic in your study. Use a sleek and stylish mid-century modern desk as a centerpiece for your office. Select a mid-century office chair with a high back and a swivel base for maximum comfort during long work hours. To store reference books, documents and office supplies, set up spacious mid-century modern bookcases.

Lastly, tie your mid-century interior design together with stylish mid-century modern wall art and other decor. Roll out mid-century rugs to soften hardwood floors and top your bedside tables with stunning mid-century lamps. Include a mid-century credenza for family room storage and hang a mid-century modern chandelier over the dining table for an extra touch of elegant drama.