Mid Century Modern

Mid century modern is one of the most recognizable styles thanks to its enduring popularity and defined look. Curved lines, bold patterns, and a mix of materials and scales are key features of this retro look.

How To Decorate in a Mid Century Modern Style

Mid century modern, popularized in the 1940s–1970s, to is defined by simple function and bright personality. Choose furniture with clean, sculptural lines and embrace bold colors and patterns. Accent main elements of your room with rich-colored wood, like walnut and teak.

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Sculptural Lines
Furniture pieces crafted with an architectural sense are the foundation for mid century modern’s classic and thoughtfully designed look.
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Pops of Color
Mid century modern style is functional and minimalistic in form, yet full of bold style and decor. Play with mixing patterns and incorporating colors.
Mix of Materials & Scale
For an interplay of forms and shapes, complement upholstered couches with wood accent chairs or wood tables of varying heights.
Natural Wood
Wood or faux wood accents are hallmarks of a mid century modern design. Opt for high-quality teak and rich-colored woods with tapered legs.

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Mid Century Modern Living Room
Turn your living room into a functional, trend-forward space with mid century modern design. Bold colors, comfortable seating areas, and an artful nature define a mid century modern living room.
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Callery Green Accent ChairCallery Green Accent Chair
Imani Accent Chair in Gray by HomeleganceImani Accent Chair in Gray by Homelegance

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Imani Accent Chair in Gray by Homelegance

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Klien Chair in Ivory by Bellanest

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Yellowbrook Chair in Navy by BellanestYellowbrook Chair in Navy by Bellanest
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Albert Accent Chair in Pewter Hide by New Pacific DirectAlbert Accent Chair in Pewter Hide by New Pacific Direct
Russell Chair in Coach by BellanestRussell Chair in Coach by Bellanest
Gloralee Yellow Accent ChairGloralee Yellow Accent Chair
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