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How To Choose a Makeup Vanity

Are you looking to add a little luxury to your daily routine? A makeup vanity provides you with a way to indulge in the pampering that you deserve. Not to be confused with a bathroom vanity, bedroom vanities are also known as dressing tables and typically feature a mirror and a matching stool or chair. Read on to learn more about finding a vanity for your home.

Before You Buy

As with all furniture investments, it’s important to determine where you’ll place your vanity and then measure your space accordingly. Vanities are often placed in bedrooms, but you can add a makeup vanity to your bathroom or large walk-in closet. Consider the number of products you currently own or plan on purchasing to determine the type of storage features you need.

Vanity Features

Vanities have a myriad of features available, ranging from the most simplistic to the more ornate.

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