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Outdoor Coffee Tables

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Outdoor Coffee Tables

On beautiful days, there’s nothing better than taking your leisurely activities outside. For relaxing moments that call for a more casual setup, an outdoor coffee table will add just the right amount of function and style to existing outdoor seating. Unlike a dining table, coffee tables are often designed to sit lower to the ground to compliment lounging spaces. Whether you use it to keep a beverage within reach or display floral arrangements, the distinguishing factor of an outdoor coffee table is its ability to withstand the elements. Check out our guide to find the right choice for your space.

Sizes & Shapes

When purchasing an outdoor coffee table, you’ll want to consider the size of your outdoor seating first, and then match accordingly. This style of table is available in a range of sizes and shapes, from round or square to oval or rectangular. If you have a large sofa (or two), a long rectangular or oval style can accommodate all who lounge. For more confined outdoor nooks or balconies, a space-saving option with a smaller width or diameter works best. 

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