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Console & Sofa Tables

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Console Tables & Sofa Tables

The Console & Sofa Tables Guide

If you’ve ever wondered, “What’s a console table?” you’re not alone. With so many furniture pieces to cross off your list, it is easy to be confused during your search.

These versatile tables are the small wonder you didn’t realize you needed. Long and narrow, a console table is a piece of furniture often positioned against the wall in hallways or entryways. They are the perfect option for adding flair to an otherwise hard-to-decorate space. Read on to learn more.

Before You Buy

Console tables are used in small spaces, so it’s vital to take the correct measurements before you purchase. Ensure there's enough space to comfortably pass by the table without bumping into it. If you’re placing it behind the couch as a sofa table, you’ll want to ensure it's not wider than your seating.

Consider how you plan to use your console or sofa table. Are you looking for aesthetic purposes only, or do you need its functionality?

Where Should I Place a Console Table?

There are multiple placement options for your console table. Take a tip from below and get creative.

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