Rug Pads

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Area rugs play a pivotal role in interior design. The right rug adds texture and visual variety to the room and complements your color scheme. Additionally, a rug makes your home feel homey and intimate. However, you won’t get the most out of your rug unless you have an essential accessory: a rug pad. 

A rug pad is a cushion that provides an extra layer of support between your rug and the floor. It also has many practical benefits, like preventing your rug from sliding out from under your feet. Rug pads come in many sizes and materials, such as felt, memory foam, PVC, and rubber. They also have different designs. For example, some rug pads are plush, solid mats, while others have an open grid pattern designed to grip the floor. 

Typically, rug pads are the same size or slightly smaller than the rugs they support, so they’re not visible once installed. However, they provide a noticeable cushion when people stand or walk on them. 

Discover the advantages of a rug pad and factors to consider when shopping for this handy accessory. 

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