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Rug Pads

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Rug Pads

Rugs are the grounding foundation to most rooms in the home—with the ability to completely change the tone of your décor while also providing comfort, they are the best way to create a warm, inviting feel for both you and your guests. That said, there is one component that tends to be overlooked, as it is often hiding in plain sight: the rug pad. Read on to learn more.

What Is a Rug Pad?

The rug pad is a layer of material that lies between the bottom of your rug and the surface of the floor it’s covering; its stickiness or texture helps to keep rugs (especially area rugs, with no anchor) in place, which prevents the rug from sliding or bunching up.

What are The Benefits of a Rug Pad?

Cushioning and soundproofing

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