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Glam Style


All that glitters is glam. Go bold and elegant with a glam design. 

What Is Glam Style?

Glam is an ornate and extravagant interior design style that embodies the drama of old Hollywood styles. Glam designs uses luxurious materials, vibrant golds, sparkling accent pieces, and detailed embellishments to create an avant-garde, high-class atmosphere.  

How To Decorate a Glam Home

Beauty is in the details when it comes to glam. Don’t shy away from intricate looks and elaborate detailing. Choose luxurious fabrics like silk or velvet and complement them with gold accents and mirrored surfaces. Cap off your glam design with art and decor pieces that add glitz to the room. 


Glam Living Rooms

Get cozy in a room that looks straight out of an old Hollywood film. Velvety couches and plush rugs seamlessly blend glam style and comfort.

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Glam Dining Rooms

A dinner party hosted in a glam-style dining room will wow your guests. No matter what you’re serving.

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