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    The Kitchen and Dining Guide

    Where we eat, entertain, and gather - kitchen and dining areas serve to bring family and friends together. But when you are deciding whether a kitchen island paired with bar stools, a traditional dining set, or even both will be right for your space, it can be overwhelming to narrow down your options and find the best fit.

    While each arrangement serves a specific set of needs, we’re here to help you decide which one is right for you when it comes to functionality, quality, and lifestyle with our kitchen island and dining buying guide.

    Kitchen Island

    One of the most used places in many homes, a kitchen is not only a place for preparing and cooking - but also for gathering and conversations. Serving multiple functions, kitchen dining spaces can come in handy especially when you live in a small space that may not have room for a dedicated dining area.

    Beyond simple food preparation, a kitchen island can be used for easy hangouts, a buffet station for gatherings, as well as a practical workstation. When deciding whether to invest in a kitchen island or dining table, here are some pros and cons to consider.


    Perfect for limited spaces and limited budgets

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    Should your kitchen and dining room match?

    It is not necessary for your kitchen and dining room to match if you prefer an eclectic and lived-in feel. However, if you prefer the aesthetic of a cohesive home, consider a common thread that ties all rooms together for a harmonious home. Complementary colors, or matching finishes, materials, and hardware help you transition from dining room to kitchen.

    How do you separate a kitchen and dining room in an open concept?

    If your kitchen and dining room flow together in an open floor plan, consider creating distinct areas in your home through patterns, rugs, colors, and furniture. A rug is a great way to distinguish rooms, centering important pieces of furniture like the dining table. Subtle color changes also accentuates the change. You still want the rooms to flow together, but these subtle visual distinctions will help create organization within the home.

    What is an eat-in kitchen?

    An eat-in kitchen is essentially a kitchen and dining room in one. It provides the space to eat and cook within the same room. An eat-in kitchen is a great space-saving alternative to a formal eating space. Many kitchens are outfitted with islands or bartop spaces that accommodate stools and can be used for informal eating occasions. It can also include a small table and chairs as part of the kitchen space.