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Accent Tables

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Accent Tables

The Accent Table Guide

Sometimes, even the smallest details can make the most standout style impact in a room. As soothing as it is to have a fully cohesive look and feel, it can also be exponentially more fun to add accent pieces that inject more of your personality into your home—making it truly feel like your own. An accent table will do just that, by adding a pop of color or bold design in a way that is also functional. There are multiple table types to help you achieve this goal; read on for more.

Before you buy

As with all other pieces of furniture, make sure to take accurate measurements of the space you’d like the table to live in. You’ll also want to consider exactly how you plan on using your accent table; will it be purely decorative, or will you need it to be sturdy enough to hold a variety of items?

Types of accent tables

Accent tables aren’t only relegated to a small piece of flair; you can make pretty much any table in your living room an accent table, depending on what materials you choose and how it relates to the rest of your furniture.

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