Eclectic Style Decor & Furniture

Eclectic Style Furniture & Decor

Expect the unexpected when it comes to eclectic-style furniture. Unifying design is the ultimate goal of any eclectic furniture set and can stretch across all lines of texture, line, and color. The important thing is to find the collection that captures your vision and makes your statement loud and clear. Shop our intentionally chosen set of eclectic-style furniture and let it speak to you. More

Living Room

Eclectic interior design is all about experimenting with colors, textures and materials to create a unique visual tapestry. Mix and match different styles by pairing traditional chairs with contemporary TV stands. Or, accent a rustic theme with coastal end tables in bright hues. Any chic item works in an eclectic living room, so the only limit is your imagination.

Set the stage using an eclectic couch with elegant diamond stitching and nailhead trim. Then, add an eclectic coffee table with sleek angled legs for a retro touch. Need some additional seating? Set up polished metal eclectic accent chairs and pair them with a couple of marble-top eclectic side tables to complete your layout.

Dining Room

Whether you enjoy candlelight dinners for two or large meals with friends and family, eclectic design has a place in your dining room. A wide eclectic dining table provides plenty of space for everyone while offering a chic and comfy dinner party experience for your loved ones. Add a set of eclectic dining chairs, sawhorse barstools or boho leather benches to create a whimsical look that your guests will love.


When it comes to designing eclectic bedrooms, fashion and comfort are key. A cottage-chic bed with slatted wood details offers a rustic vibe, while an eclectic dresser with chrome hardware and clean lines lets you add some modern style into the mix. Want to make eclectic nightstands part of your focal point? Try two-toned bedside tables that stand out from the rest of your eclectic furniture.

Finish off the entire look with fun and cozy eclectic bedding. Comforters in soft tan, beige and ivory shades provide a versatile canvas for your design. They also make a neutral background for an artful mix of floral and geometric patterns. To incorporate a playful pop of color, drape your bedspread with a patchwork quilt featuring an array of pastel hues.


Apply your eclectic style throughout your entire home, including the bathroom. Start with a blend of industrial and coastal furnishings like wall-mounted towel rings made with distressed wood and jute rope. Showcase your love of travel by mounting a Moroccan-inspired mirror over your vanity, then increase your bathroom storage space with a vintage wood plank accent cabinet.


Eclectic decor is perfect for filling in the gaps of your quirky, playful design. Use mid-century modern runner rugs featuring brown and ivory leather to add visual interest to halls, entryways and living rooms. You can also accent your eclectic furniture with tasseled ottomans and textured eclectic throw pillows boasting abstract patterns.

To complete your look, consider topping off your coffee table with a set of reclaimed wood serving trays. Illuminate your offbeat design using an eclectic lamp in the shape of a large Edison bulb. Lastly, adorn your empty walls with eclectic wall art such as rustic vine and floral mounts, bold abstract paintings or macrame tapestries in muted colors.