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Kids Mirrors

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We’ve grown accustomed to having a reflective surface to help us keep tabs on our appearances or to brighten up a living space, but did you know that kids can also reap extra benefits from our modern-day looking glass? Whether you’re looking for a decorative touch in a nursery or adding a functional element to your child’s bedroom, we have all the info you need to know when it comes to finding a perfect mirror—check out our guide below.

Choosing a Kids Mirror

Choosing a mirror requires a little reflection (pun intended). Consider the following before you buy.

Age & Development
It may seem silly to buy a mirror for a baby or toddler who doesn't have any perception of vanity, but research has shown that reflective surfaces can help enhance our children’s sense of self. When placed at floor level, babies can catch a glimpse of their own milestones such as tummy time or learning to crawl. They can also begin to simulate social behavior.

Older kids may find more function in full-length mirrors as they start to express themselves visually with new hairstyles and outfit options.

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