Farmhouse Decor & Furniture

Farmhouse Style Furniture & Decor

Farmhouse decor combines neutral colors, raw textured fabrics, unfinished wood, and well-placed kitsch to give spaces the collected look of a country home. Take a minimalist approach to the frills when using these adaptable elements for farmhouse edge. Browse our selection to find ways to easily incorporate the style in a current layout or begin crafting your own unique take from scratch.

The Farmhouse style is much as it sounds—inspired by historic, rural residences. These homes were popular around the world in the early 1900s and have become popular remodeling projects.


United States Farmhouses are typically built in rectangular floorplans and are often accompanied by one or more outbuildings. The primary of which is referred to as the “house barn”.

In many remodeling projects, these exterior buildings are connected to create a more modernized living space.


Farmhouse decor is often characterized by chic, traditional, and rustic selections that reinforce the lifestyle of the early 1900s lifestyle. This might include buckets, rough-sewn woods, and natural materials such as stone and hardwood flooring.

It’s worth noting that many modern Farmhouse projects make use of modern furniture and decor to create an updated feel. These decorating choices help balance with the rustic materials and simple layouts of the remainder of the home.