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The Baby Bedding Guide

As a parent to a newborn baby, you’ll do anything to make sure the crib is set up for many nights of restful sleep to come (fingers crossed). Unlike shopping for older children or adults, the primary factor to consider with a baby’s crib is safety, rather than comfort. Follow our guide to learn how to pick out the right crib and all the accessories that come with it.

Crib Essentials

Contrary to how adults prefer to sleep, the key to keeping your baby resting soundly is outfitting a crib to prioritize safety over comfort. Newborns should sleep with very minimal bedding, blankets, or pillows to avoid the danger of suffocation or getting tangled. Here are a few crib essentials to put on the top of your list.


The size of a standard crib mattress is between 51 ⅝ and 53 inches in length, 27 ¼ and 28 inches in width. Most options will be between 4-6 inches tall. For infants, prioritize firmness over softness to support them overnight.

Safety Note: The gap between the mattress and the edge of the crib should be no more than two fingers’ width.

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