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Kids Lighting

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Kids Lighting

The Kids Lighting Guide

From the comforting safety of a night light, task-oriented lighting for a study desk, or a cozy glow in the nursery - there are a lot of options when outfitting your kid's room with lighting. With a wide range of fun designs and space-fitting shapes, learn how to pick the perfect lighting fixture for your kid's room with our buying guide.

Our Favorite Ways To Brighten Up Your Kid's Space

Outfitted with a downward-facing shade and bulb, task lamps provide direct lighting for the task at hand. They are best on a desk or reading nook to enhance performance activity without any glare to the eyes.

Coming in many different forms, task lamps can be molded to provide function while projecting light on wide areas of work. Here are some different forms of task lighting you may find:

Desk Lamp

For late-night study sessions, a desk lamp is perfectly suited for a study desk that will help your children get their homework done each night. With many functional as well as stylish designs, a study light is a great addition for older children who may want to explore their own tastes and style. link out to desk lamp guide.

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