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Keep your kids' bedtime routine organized with a nightstand designed just for them. Having a place for your kids to store their favorite storybooks, toys, and other nighttime essentials makes bedtime hassle-free, making a kids' nightstand a key component of their bedroom furniture setup.

There are a few factors to consider in order to find the best bedside table for your little one. Use this guide to find the perfect nightstand for your little one.

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Do kids need a bedside table?

Nightstands or bedside tables aren’t necessary in a child’s room, but we recommend adding them to your little one’s bedroom. Nightstands make a bedroom look complete and keep personal belongings within reach and out of eyesight. Style the nightstand with practical decor, like table lamps and alarm clocks.

How tall should a kids’ nightstand be?

There is no set height for a child’s nightstand. The top of the nightstand should be level with the top of the mattress to ensure your child can easily access items while they’re in bed. Before purchasing a nightstand, measure the floor to the top of the mattress. Nightstands within three inches of the measured height should work.

What do you put on a kids' nightstand?

Nightstands are usually the perfect place for a nighttime reading lamp and alarm clock. Customize the nightstand based on your child’s age. Toddlers might benefit from a lightweight night light, while school-aged kids might prefer an alarm clock and a task-oriented light. The options for stylizing the nightstand with practical and stylish decor is endless.