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Outdoor Chaises & Lounges

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Outdoor Chaises & Lounges

What better way to enjoy your curated exterior spaces than with a furniture style that offers full-extension relaxation? Chaise and lounge chairs will add extra leg room to your leisure time, while adding a chic finish to your outdoor aesthetic. Whether you’re seeking a quiet place to enjoy a novel or gather with company poolside, there is a wide selection of outdoor lounge chairs to peruse. Explore our full guide below to learn more.

What Is An Outdoor Chaise or Lounge Chair?

Derived from the French word for “long chair,” the chaise lounge has been a popular furniture style across centuries—and continents. It has become a symbol for the pinnacle of relaxation in any setting, exterior spaces included. Although the names are often used interchangeably, a “chaise lounge” indicates the ability to fully extend or recline, while a standard lounge chair may offer an upright posture only. Chaise lounges often sit low to the ground. Consider the preferences and space limitations for your outdoor space before buying.

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