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The Daybeds Guide

Are you looking for new and luxurious ways to add function to a spare bedroom or home office? When extra floor space is hard to find, a daybed serves as a versatile solution to maximize square footage while also creating a stylish, inviting aesthetic. Learn more about the perks of daybeds in our full guide below.

What Is A Daybed?

Think of a daybed as a hybrid between a sofa and a standard bed. The style is celebrated for its ability to effortlessly transform from a comfy place to lounge during the day, to a restful haven you can settle into for a good night’s rest. The daybed design is three-sided to hold its own as a cozy seat, while using a standard mattress as the base layer of cushion. Daybed frames are available in the same range of styles you can find with traditional sofas; mattresses, pillows, and bedding are typically sold separately.

Daybeds can be used in guest rooms, home offices, or even living rooms—anywhere that you might want to have the option for extra sleeping arrangements.

And, no need to confine the style and comfort of a daybed to indoor spaces only. You can also bring luxurious leisure to the patio, terrace or backyard with an outdoor daybed.

Before You Buy

A daybed might be the perfect addition to your space, but be sure to take a few easy steps first to ensure you find the best fit for your home.

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