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If bohemian style is for you, you’ll know it right away. It’ll spark your creativity and unleash your inner designer. Bohemian-style furniture boasts vibrant, jewel-toned palettes as well as a variety of festive accessories. It yields itself to many interesting combinations and is anything but traditional. Explore our collection and imagine the possibilities.

Bohemian Decor: How to Achieve Blissful Boho-Chic Style

Bohemian interior decor embraces life and can offer an eclectic feel. This decorating approach originated from the unconventional lifestyles of artists, musicians and travelers but suits anyone who doesn’t like to play by the rules. This trend takes an irreverent poke at traditional style canons by creating a look that layers pattern with pattern, pairs East with West and saturates a space with character.

Often referred to as Boho-chic, designers incorporate unique pieces from different cultures and eras. For instance, mix intricate Persian rug patterns with Moroccan lamps, tribal prints and Asian accents. Feel free to throw in some texture and a floral or a geometric print as well

Not every Bohemian space needs to look like it has traveled the world, make this style your own and go with over the top with color and pattern or judiciously sprinkle Boho elements through a more muted setting. Pull together vintage items, antique furnishing, old-world European pieces and add some Parisian flair.

To create a cohesive look, find a color palette that invigorates you and celebrate it with a curated collection of treasures and trinkets from around the world. Bohemian spaces often incorporate jewel tones, but muted earthy hues work equally as well.

Achieve a relaxed look with unstructured ottoman options like poufs and pillows. Layer patterns through flowy items like throws, scarves, curtains or wall tapestries. Look for less tailored lines or slipcovered pieces in living room seating choices.

Collect unique and different items that you love. Heirlooms that have been handed down through the family, items you picked up on travels, objects that have jumped out at you in vintage shops. Your room should have a story to tell.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to travel the world yet, emulate this look by acquiring strategic pieces with character and global-inspired influences. This style is the exact opposite of a minimalistic approach to design. Rather than the modernist tenet that less equals more, in Boho interiors, more equals more. Mix posh and rustic, ornate and linear, opulent and laid-back – if you love it, it works.