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Kids Dressers

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Kids Dressers

The Kids Dressers Guide

As your little ones grow, so does their collection of daily necessities. When choosing furniture for a nursery or child’s bedroom, a dresser is an invaluable storage solution that will keep some of life’s chaos contained without skimping on style. Whether storing clothing, shoes, personal knick-knacks, art supplies, and more, there are options for every need. Read our guide below to learn more about dressers for kids.

Before You Buy

Are you working with tight quarters, or are you looking for furniture to fill a large room? Take measurements of the room’s dimensions, including additional clearance. Key dimensions to note for the dresser are height, width, and depth as you plan the layout of the bedroom.

Finding a dresser for a kid’s bedroom is easy, but there are a few considerations to keep in mind before you purchase.

Make Good Use of Space

Lave at least 36 inches of clearance between the edges of the dresser and walls or other furniture. This will ensure there’s plenty of room to move around and play without the risk of accidents.

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