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The Nursery Guide

When a baby is on the way, designing a nursery that is the best blend of comfort, beauty, and safety is often a topmost priority. From a serene ambiance that encourages restful sleep cycles, to a visually delightful feast for your little one’s growing senses, if you’re creating a space that both you and your little one will enjoy - follow along with our nursery buying guide.

Nursery Furniture Checklist

When building a space that blends your own preferences with all the comforts your child will need, there are a lot of large pieces of furniture to keep in mind. Here are a few of the most important pieces you’ll need when building your nursery.


A key functional piece of furniture, the crib is where your little one will spend much of their time as they sleep and grow. A quality crib should set the design, mood, and style for the rest of the nursery.

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