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Shelves: the stylistic storage component that every home needs. Unlike a standard bookcase, you can adapt various types of shelving to any type of space, while retaining the ability to move their configuration later. Save room, showcase your keepsakes, or simply add a creative accent to your walls. Read on to learn more about shelving.

Shelving Types

What is your home’s overall aesthetic? Are you looking to match it, or to create contrast? And, are you looking for ultra-functional shelves, or are you more interested in creating a style statement? The answers to the above will help guide you to the best shelving for your interior.

Floating Shelves

As the name suggests, a floating shelf is mounted to the wall with no visible support, giving it the appearance of floating in the air.
Pros: Minimalist design, easy installation, won’t take up much space if you have a smaller area to work with.

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