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Toddler Beds

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Once your little one begins to outgrow their crib, it’s probably time to switch to a toddler bed. Thanks to their compact size and side rails, toddler beds protect even active sleepers from falling and are the perfect size to replace cribs in the nursery. They are a happy medium between a baby’s crib and a twin-size bed.

Sometimes, this transition can be challenging, but with our retailers’ stylish, comfortable, and safe beds, your toddler will quickly adapt to their new sleeping quarters. The only challenge is choosing between the myriad of excellent types and designs available.

Toddler floor bed

If you have reservations about switching to a standard toddler bed with a raised bed frame, consider purchasing a toddler floor bed. These are toddler beds with frames that have a low platform, so the mattress almost wholly sits on the floor. The low profile helps your child to independently climb in and out of bed. Add some nice toddler bedding and easily accessible storage containers with toys to make the space feel like their own personal haven.

Toddler travel bed

Traveling with toddlers can be difficult, especially when dealing with sleeping arrangements. A simple and affordable solution is to bring a toddler travel bed. Our retailers’ lightweight, portable-style beds include toddler beds specifically designed for travel. They are effortless to transport and still comfortable enough for your child to sleep soundly through the night.

The two most common types of toddler travel beds are fold-up toddler beds and inflatable toddler travel beds. Some designs include built-in sleeping bags and pillows, so you don’t have to worry about additional bedding. Plus, they are available in numerous colors and prints to make the bed more inviting for your little ones.

Twin bed for toddler

It is not uncommon for parents to skip the toddler bed and transition directly from a crib to a twin bed for toddlers. However, it is crucial to avoid making this switch too early. Without the safety railings that cribs and toddler beds have, your little one might be too frightened to sleep alone. However, if you believe your little one is ready to switch to a twin bed, going for one of the many quality twin beds that our retailers offer will ensure you do not have to buy another bed for your child for many years to come.

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