How To Design a Modern Home Office

Nowadays, WFH is considered a standard way to work. But home offices were not always a quintessential must-have in modern homes, so people put together makeshift stations at their kitchen counters, coffee tables, or dining tables. Soon the convenience of remote work was eclipsed by body aches while inspiration and flexibility were stifled by distractions in the home.

You deserve to create a home office that caters to your needs so you can produce fantastic work and feel fulfilled when you close your laptop at the end of the day. Follow along to learn some tips on designing a modern home office that speaks to your style and needs.

How To Find the Best Spot for a Home Office

The perfect place in the house to achieve your optimal focus and productivity is somewhere with minor level of distractions, typically far from the hustle and bustle of kids or televisions. But there are other factors, like the size of your space or the flow of a room. To find your ideal location, here are some popular spots in the home to convert into a workspace:

Home Offices in Small Homes

If you are low on space, you probably won’t be able to dedicate an entire room to serve as your workspace. Here are a few creative solutions for setting up an office in a small home:

Studio Apartments

We recommend browsing Murphy desks or a corner desk with a cabinet that doubles as a nightstand. If you’re looking to create more separation between your place of work and place of sleep, place a partition to help your brain associate each space for a different purpose. Also, make sure to brighten the office area with sconces or task lamps to engage your focus.

One-Bedroom Apartments

Consider converting a cabinet into a mini office that you can easily hide away when guests are over. Or, if you have room beneath a window, you can install a long, DIY windowsill to be your desk. The natural lighting and outside view will enhance your mood and offer a great break for your eyes. Add an accent rug or a different color to the walls to visually distinguish the area from the rest of the room.
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Unexpected Rooms for Home Offices

If you have the luxury of having extra space in your home, here are some out-of-the-way and quiet corners to set up your workstation:


If you’re using your attic for extra storage, take the time to clean up and organize the clutter so you can use a portion of the space as your home office. It’s away from the kids and interruptions that might break your concentration and focus.


Do you work better in a cozy or moody environment without bright lighting? Your basement might be the right spot to set up your office. Properly placed light fixtures and wall decorations will open up the space and make it feel less cave-like.

Stair Landing and Alcove

If your stairs have a mezzanine area off the side of the stair landing, this space may be perfect for an open-air home office. Or consider other random alcoves around the home that aren’t being used, including underneath your staircase or a divot in the wall. These nooks may be tricky to decorate but can make for ideal home offices that feel cozy and private.

How To Choose Modern Home Office Furniture

A modern home office is all about functionality and style. Look for pieces that fit comfortably within your space, offer flexibility to move and repurpose in many ways, and aesthetically complement your existing home decor and style.

Home Office Desk

Today, there are plenty of desk and table options that don’t dial down style for function. When choosing your desk, consider these three questions to help you determine the kind of desk to enhance your space:

How much surface space do you need?

While executive desks offer the most surface space, other options offer different depths and lengths. Consider the size of the electronics and accessories you need to place on top of your desk, including your monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

What is your desk style?

From a vintage writing desk to contemporary standing desks, there are many styles, materials and finishes, and colors for office desks. You can embrace natural materials and an industrial style with a wood tabletop paired with a metal frame. Or you can go with a minimalist style with a desk outfitted with glass legs and a faux marble top. Unlike a traditional office, you can stretch your imagination when it comes to your home office, a more personalized and unique space.

Which type of desk suits your workspace?

Do you need built-in storage to keep your office clean and organized? You may benefit from a traditional desk with storage drawers or a clean and sleek ladder desk with shelving on top. Or maybe you’re looking for more movement and comfort in your everyday, which would be resolved by an ergonomic height-adjustable desk.
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Home Office Chairs

While choosing your office furniture, don’t skimp on your chair. When you are uncomfortable in your seat, it may affect your focus, creativity, and even your well-being. Ask yourself these three questions as you begin your search for the perfect chair:

What kind of adjustable features do you need in an office chair?

To get the right fit, it’s key to have a chair can be adjusted to your body size and type. Look for a chair that has adjustable height, armrests, and tilt so you can sit comfortable with your feet on the floor and elbows at right angles.

Do you need lumbar support?

If you’re experiencing lower back, hip, and neck pain, there is a high possibility you would benefit from an ergonomic chair with lumbar support. Having the right seatback that supports your spine’s natural shape is key to keeping discomfort at bay.

Do you need an office chair that rolls, reclines, and swivels?

You might benefit from all three if you find yourself reaching for items located around your desk, from a specific file to an extra pen. Being able to recline your chair can also bring extra relief when you take a break to put your feet up, literally or figuratively.
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Home Office Storage Furniture

Decrease mess and increase focus with the right storage solutions. Properly storing your office supplies, books, and important documents will keep clutter around the office area to a minimum. Here are three ways to incorporate space-saving storage in your workspace:
Take stock of your vertical space when you have limited floor space. Mounting floating shelves, cabinets, and wall hooks are excellent options.
If traditional filing cabinets don’t fit in your home office, consider narrow office furniture carts that are outfitted with wheels, making them portable and easy to squeeze into tight spaces.
Floor-to-ceiling bookcases and cabinetry make perfect storage furniture — and also create the perfect backdrop for all your video conference calls. For a subtle effect, paint them the same color as the walls to blend in. For visual interest, choose a bold design to serve as an accent piece.
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How To Decorate Your Office with Lighting and Decor

It’s time to set the mood and showcase your personal taste. From artwork that delights to lighting that soothes, find the finishing touches you need to complete your home office:


Lighting is crucial for your productivity, mood, and eye health. Avoid harsh or dim lighting to reduce eye strain, headaches, or fatigue. Instead, maximize the natural light in your home office by placing your desk near a window. If the sun is too glaring, sheer curtains can complement any style while diluting the sun to give a warm hue to the office. Adding a desk, floor, or pendant light to supplement the natural light and create some atmosphere.
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Decor and Accessories

Decorating your office space can elevate your comfort, sense of calm, and stimulation. Consider adding artwork that inspires your creative side or house plants that ground you when you feel stressed or overwhelmed. Many remote workers like to hang or place framed photos of friends and loved ones to add a warm and personal touch to their workstation.

When it comes to your walls, paint colors and wallpaper designs are conduits for different emotions. We recommend picking multiple color swatches and sample wallpaper and putting them on the wall. In the end, it comes down to your personal preference, so don’t rush to make your decision.
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