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End Tables & Side Tables

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End Tables

The End Tables & Side Tables Guide

If you’ve ever underestimated the importance of an end table, you’re not alone. Small in stature, they tend to not hit the top of your home décor checklist; yet in their absence, you’ll soon find yourself short-handed when sitting down to read and realizing you don’t have a spot to place your book (or beverage).

End tables are exactly what they sound like: a table that’s placed at the end of your sofa, or next to an armchair or recliner. Proportion here is key; you’ll want this piece to be large enough and tall enough to easily reach from where you’re sitting—but not so big that it’s competing for visual balance with your coffee table or other surrounding furniture.

Here's what to keep in mind while shopping.


Incredibly versatile in their nature, end tables are also a great way to experiment with mixing décor styles throughout a room. Not only do they not need to match the rest of your furniture—they also don’t necessarily need to match each other (if you’re purchasing more than one for, say, the living room).

Mid-Century Modern

This retro-inspired style end table is identified by a minimalist design with tapered legs and curved tops.

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