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Graphix Comforter Set
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Bellagio Queen Comforter Set
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Comforters and quilts are perfect additions to your bed. A comforter is made of a top and bottom layer of fabric filled with stuffing, while a traditional quilt consists of three layers stitched together. They both provide weight and comfort to your bed for a cozy night of sleep.

Comforters and quilts both create a cozier sleeping environment, but they have subtle differences to consider before deciding on a purchase. Check out our buying guide to learn more about comforters and quilts and how to choose a style you love.

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How do you wash a quilt?

The intricate detailing of quilts makes them a bit more delicate when it comes to cleaning. Soak your quilt in a clean tub or sink filled with lukewarm water. Use a sponge and mild soap to press stains out of the fabric. Rinse the quilt and let it air dry.

Are comforters and duvets the same?

Comforters and duvets are different. A comforter is a standalone bed topper filled with synthetic or natural fibers, while a duvet consists of two pieces. A duvet consists of a cover and a plush insert. Duvet covers can be taken on and off, and their inserts are usually filled with a high-quality down or feather filling.

Can you use a comforter and a quilt?

Yes, you can use both a comforter and a quilt. Using both blankets adds extra comfort and weight to your bedroom setup. Put your sheets and duvet on your bed. Fold the duvet about a quarter down your bed. Then, fold a quilt and place it lengthwise at the bottom of your bed.