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What is a comforter?

A comforter is a thick blanket with a fabric shell surrounding a filled inner layer. The filling can be natural or synthetic, with down feathers and synthetic polyester being the most common filling material. Most comforters have a cotton, cotton-rayon, or cotton-polyester-blend shell. However, some comforters have silk or wool shells.

Unlike a duvet with a removable shell, the comforter layers are sewn together. This means you don’t separate the fabric shell to wash it. Instead, you clean the entire comforter. Depending on the materials, some comforters are machine washable, while others are dry clean only.

What's the difference between a quilt and comforter?

Quilts and comforters are both types of blankets, but they aren’t the same. Comforters have a filled inner lining between a fabric shell. Because of the filling material, most comforters are quite thick.

Quilts are multi-layered with intricate stitching and patterning that creates the top layer. Most quilts are highly decorative and can be considered a type of artwork. The patterning ranges from simple to complex, depending on the maker’s skill and fabric availability. Often, quilts use small pieces of older textiles but can use new fabric as well. The inner layer is a large piece of cotton or synthetic batting. The back layer is usually the same fabric as the top layer, stitched together to create one piece. They are often more heavy-duty but thinner due to the design.

What are the standard sizes for a comforter?

Most comforters have standard sizes designed to fit the size of your mattress. You’ll find them in Twin, Full/Double, Queen, King, and California King sizes.

Twin comforters: 66 to 68 inches wide by 86 to 88 inches long

Full/double comforters: 81 to 88 inches wide by 86 to 88 inches long

Queen comforters: 86 to 88 inches wide by 96 to 100 inches long

King comforters: 102 to 104 inches wide by 86 to 88 inches long

California King comforters: 107 to 110 inches wide by 96 to 98 inches long

Although the comforter size should match the mattress size, you might like a more custom fit. For example, choose a Queen comforter for a Double mattress if you want a lot of extra side coverage.