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Bathroom Furniture

From the morning rush to peaceful nights, a bathroom is the ultimate collaboration

Learn how to outfit your space with all the essentials with our bathroom buying guide. Find a vanity large enough to house all your products or one with striking lighting and accessories to bring your space to life. The sky is the limit when it comes to vanity styles.

Bathroom Vanities

A vanity functions as the main attraction in your bathroom. They provide counter space, storage, and an elegant design. They're available in many finishes, styles, colors, and sizes. Vanities[1] are designed to meet your space specifications and aesthetics — whatever they may be.

Vanities typically come with single or dual sinks, cabinets, and drawers to serve a variety of storage needs.

Consider space. Your bathroom vanity should leave room for entrance and shower doors.
Consider placement. Whether against the back wall or a small vanity in a side corner, the placement of your bathroom vanity impacts your purchasing decision.
Consider size. Your vanity should not affect the flow of traffic in your bathroom.

Additional Bathroom Features
Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting is a decorative and practical part of helping you prepare for the day, from directional lighting for skincare and makeup to overhead lighting with an ambient glow.

Here are common lighting fixtures for your bathroom:

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