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Outdoor Rugs

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Outdoor Rugs

While your backyard may not be the first area you think of when it comes to carpet shopping, there is, indeed, a stylish (and completely functional) way to incorporate outdoor rugs into your home’s exterior decor. The key element here comes down to utility: an outdoor rug should above all else be crafted to withstand all types of weather, though it also offers the benefit of protecting surfaces, and keeping people from slipping in wet weather.

But we don’t want to overlook how an outdoor rug can help pull together your space— just like an indoor rug, it can add color, pattern, and style. Outdoor rugs can also help define different spaces if you have a large outdoor area. For example, use a runner to define a walkway, and square or rectangular rugs for outdoor seating and dining areas.

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Outdoor Rug Materials

If you’re planning to keep your rug outside year-round, the materials it’s comprised of will be your most important consideration. Here are the most common options.

Most outdoor rugs are made up of synthetic fibers, and with good reason:

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