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Tables & Desks

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Tables & Desks

Used for centuries, the common table has evolved over time to accommodate our ever-changing needs and aesthetic preferences. The desk became a popular offshoot to complete task-based projects. There are endless uses for these surfaces—they are the focal points in our dining rooms, the practical accents in our living rooms, and they are the hub for doing our most productive work. If you’re looking for desk and table inspiration, read our complete guide below.

What Is the Difference Between a Table and a Desk?

It may seem peculiar to have different names for these surfaces, but there are a few nuances between the two styles. Tables are often crafted with the simplistic function of providing a surface area, versus providing extra storage in the form of extra shelves or drawers. Desks are workspaces that are typically designed for one person. They can be found with added shelving or drawers to keep files and office supplies organized.

Don’t let the technicalities of the definitions get in your way—there are no hard and fast rules! Feel free to use both styles interchangeably to fit your needs and your home aesthetic.

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