Design Ideas for Small Bedroom

A small bedroom doesn’t have to mean a small imagination. Discover how you can combine intentional pieces with thoughtful planning to transform a small space. 
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Storage Tips for a Small Bedroom

Double-Duty Furniture

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Nightstands or Desk
Add some surface area to store everything your nighttime routine requires, like a table lamp, glass of water, or a book. Plus, many nightstands and desks come with shelves or drawers for extra storage. For a space-efficient desk option, consider wall-mounted desks.
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Optimize Every Space and Corner

Back of the Bedroom Door 

- Standard door: Use over-the-door hooks, baskets, and shelving.

- Farmhouse-style door: Attach hooks, baskets, and shelving for storage. 

Narrow or Vertical Spaces

- Place a long and skinny shelf to house books and other knickknacks.

- Build custom floor-to-ceiling storage cabinets to fit even the trickiest spaces. 

- Showcase accessories and props including hats, bags, shoes, or bulky items like surfboards and bikes. 

 Slanted Ceilings 

- Create a cozy nook with low-slung seating and cushions. 

- Add low storage furniture, like a credenza.

- Stack books at varied heights for visual interest and storage.

- Hang artwork using four fasteners so none of your pieces can swing off. 

Wall Colors and Wallpaper for Small Bedrooms

Design Tips to Create the Illusion of Space 

Take advantage of vertical space.

Vertical stripe-like wallpaper will enhance the space and bring the eyes up, making the ceiling seem higher than it is.

Blur the lines where the wall meets the ceiling.

Paint a bold and accent color from the dado line down to the molding, then paint the rest of the wall and ceiling white. Or paint the whole room one color, including the ceiling. 

Distract the eye. 

Paneled walls and coffered ceilings add a touch of architectural interest. Or, for narrow bedrooms, use contrasting colors on opposite walls to avoid tunnel vision.  

Best Color Schemes for Small Bedrooms  

For a spacious effect:

Neutral and light tones make rooms feel big and airy.  

For a cozy effect:

Go darker or fully monochrome. To add depth and texture, incorporate some accent pieces in different shades and interesting materials. 

For a soothing effect:

Earthy hues paired with greenery can add a sense of well-being and serenity to your space. 

Accessories for Small Bedrooms

For Brightening a Room 

- Hang or lean a tall, narrow mirror against the wall. The reflected light will make the room seem brighter and airier. 

- Transparent Lucite, glass, and acrylic furniture create the illusion of more space.  

- Dark flooring can swallow any light (synthetic or natural), making the room feel stuffy and claustrophobic. We recommend a light-colored rug to brighten the room. 

For Drawing the Eye Up 

- Add hanging plants or a pendant light to expand the view of the room. 

- Drape floor-to-ceiling window curtains. We recommend hanging them where the wall meets the ceiling, instead of right above the window frame, for a longer line. 

- Install large pieces of artwork at eye level and smaller ones toward the ceiling to exaggerate depth. 

For Maximizing Floor Space 

- Instead of floor or table lamps, consider putting up sconces or hanging multi-leveled lights across one wall. 

- Optimize your vertical space by using wall-mounted nightstands and shelves. 

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Rather than limiting yourself to purely aesthetic pieces, allow your room to work harder for you. If you’re ready to make the most out of your bedroom, find everything you need at
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