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Niris Brown Decorative Plant
Niris Brown Decorative Plant
Karsyn Green Medium Palm Silk Tree
Karsyn Green Medium Palm Silk Tree
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Spruce up Your Space With Artificial Plants

Are you a plant lover who can't seem to keep plants alive? Do you feel green with envy when scrolling past Instagram-worthy Fiddle Leaf Figs, knowing you don’t have enough natural light to grow one of your own? Perhaps you're someone who doesn’t have a green thumb, but you’d like to decorate your space with the verdant look that potted plants offer.

Whatever the case may be, you are in luck. Gone are the days of obviously fake houseplants; today’s iterations appear so real no one will know they’re artificial. Your secret is safe with us. Here’s what to consider when shopping for artificial plants.

What Are Artificial Plants Made From?

Artificial plants are commonly made from plastic or silk. Due to widely varying degrees of appearance, you’ll want to select material based on the type of faux plant you are looking for. Silk is more suitable for some types of greenery, but plastic is arguably the best option for plants in the succulent category. It's worth the investment to purchase high-quality artificial plants that won't damage easily.

How To Make Artificial Plants Look Real

It may seem counterintuitive, but one of the best ways to make an artificial plant look real is to treat it like it is.

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