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Chandeliers & Pendants

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Chandeliers & Pendants

Chandeliers and Pendants Guide

An easy way to make a statement - a chandelier or pendant provides a warm and inviting ambiance that adds life and character to an assortment of rooms.

From clean and simple fixtures to an intricate and elegant design - chandeliers and pendants don’t only look good when the light is on, but add an attractive focal point even when the light is off.

A great way to showcase your style with an architectural silhouette, these light fixtures are both a practical way to light the room, as well as a stylish design feature. When choosing your next pendant or chandelier, here are some points to consider.

What is The Difference Between a Chandelier and a Pendant

While both suspend from the ceiling from a chain, cord, or rod - chandeliers and pendants differ when it comes to the size of the fixture and how it is designed. Here are a few key differences between pendants and chandeliers.

What Is a Chandelier

A chandelier is the largest type of indoor lighting fixture, and rather than taking up floor space, suspends from the ceiling. Providing enough bulbs to light up a whole room, they act as a focal centerpiece as well as a source of ambient lighting.

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