Modern Style Decor & Furniture

Modern Style Furniture & Decor

Living Room

Modern style calls for simple design, clutter-free space and comfortable, functional furniture. Therefore, a modern living room typically has a clean, cozy feel emphasized by modern furniture with sleek silhouettes and simple color palettes. Stylish accents such as bright throw pillows or a gold-finished modern coffee table add interest, texture and shine for an effortless design.

A modern sofa or loveseat with tapered legs looks simple yet elegant in an urban apartment. Meanwhile, a low-profile or modular modern sectional gives your living room an instant update in comfort and expansive style. Hang your flat screen on the wall or choose a modern TV stand with clean lines, polished finishes and cabinets or shelves to organize and refine your space.

To achieve a clean, practical look, modern interiors often have an open floor plan. Placing a modern console table against a wall, in the entryway or behind a sofa creates a focal point and adds character to empty space. A modern accent chair with a streamlined design and more colorful upholstery than your sofa is comfy and chic while providing some much-needed seating.

Dining Room

From casual family gatherings to formal dinner parties, a modern dining room offers a laidback yet polished look. Modern dining tables with wood finishes and tapered legs have an understated beauty, while marble, glass and chrome tables appear rich, glamorous and simply chic. Choose armless modern dining chairs or barrel back seats for a stylish addition to your layout.

If you have an open floor plan that combines the dining room with your modern kitchen or living room, use modern furniture to create a cohesive design. For example, modern bar stools with backless or scooped seats arranged around a counter bring your kitchen and dining area together seamlessly.


Furnishing a modern bedroom involves picking furniture that’s comfy, stylish and has a clean design. Modern beds have simple, streamlined shapes with upholstered or polished wood headboards for comfort and subtly. Choose a platform or panel bed that sits low to the ground, making ceilings appear higher. Or opt for a modern storage bed for making your room tidy.

Decorate a modern-style bedroom with practical, stylish furniture for a clutter-free look. Many modern nightstands have simplified shapes with open cubbies, flat drawer pulls and straight, hairpin or tapered legs. Set a nightstand on each side of the bed and place a coordinating modern dresser across the room to enhance the space.


When it comes to modern decor, the key is curating a look free from visual clutter. Use modern wall art sparingly by mounting a large painting in complementary colors above your sofa. A modern cabinet in your foyer or living room also helps you organize decorative items or accessories while smooth facades and neutral finishes blend right into your modern home.

Form follows function in all modern interior designs, so ensuring your family feels comfortable means choosing decor that’s practical, too. Modern rugs have geometric patterns and subdued colors that are pleasing to the eye. Soft low or high pile carpets also add comfort underfoot when used in a living room or bedroom.

Lighting is another useful, chic element in modern-style rooms. Add warmth and brightness to your bedside or living room end tables with modern lamps that have unique bases and neutral shades. When looking for dining room decor, consider hanging a modern chandelier or pendant light with a sleek metal finish, hidden LED lights or exposed bulbs.