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What is a loveseat, and is it different than a sofa? We’re here to answer that. Technically, a loveseat is a type of sofa; but unlike the traditional three-or-more-seated styles, this version is designed specifically to seat two (or less). The use of the word “love” in the name originates from the idea that its smaller size is more conducive to two people who don’t mind sitting in closer proximity to each other, such as a couple.
Because of its size, a loveseat is a perfect fit for small spaces, or used in larger rooms as a complement to a traditional sofa or armchairs. Read on to discover how to find just the right loveseat for your home.


Though their design is intended for two (or one), the loveseat itself is available in a range of sizes to accommodate your space and needs. Because there is no one-size-fits-all standard length—other than knowing a loveseat is less long than a sofa—here are some average measurements to keep in mind

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