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Inez Gray 5 Piece Sectional
Inez Gray 5 Piece Sectional
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L-shaped sectionals provide comfort, long-lasting durability, and versatility and are a welcomed addition to living and family rooms. An L-shaped sectional consists of two or more segments of a sofa that join at a corner to form that L-shape. They often include a main couch with two to three additional segments and come with wooden or metal frames that are upholstered with materials like leather, linen, velvet, cotton, and polyester.

Chaise sectionals are considered perfect for small spaces, generally seating three to four people. L-shaped sectionals are larger and include more segments to seat at least eight people.

Sectionals are perfect for lounging, relaxing, and gathering for family movie nights. Learn how to pick the best L-shaped sectional with our buying guide.

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What are the benefits of having L-shaped sectionals in living rooms?

There are a few reasons why L-shaped sectionals in modern living rooms are among the most popular sofas: 

Maximizing space: The L shape is excellent for fitting snugly into corners that would otherwise be unused. So they work just as well in small rooms as in large ones.

Offering plenty of seating: With lots of places for guests to sit, sectionals are great for large families or for when you're entertaining or having people over for the game.

Defining different areas: You can also use one side of the sectional to section off a room. For example, separate a conversation area from the dining table by placing a sectional in the open area between.

Providing comfort and style: Generous seating and stylish designs combine to give the best of both worlds in sectionals — aesthetic appeal and comfort.

How can I determine the size of an L-shaped sectional for my space?

Carefully measuring your room’s dimensions is the first step in determining the right-sized sectional for your space. Then you'll need to consider how traffic will flow around your sectional, so you can make sure you have enough space to easily navigate around the room's furniture. Using painter’s tape to mark where the piece will go is a good way to visualize the spatial element before buying anything.

Finally, select pieces that are proportional to your room. Oversized sectionals will make a space feel cramped, while large living rooms will look awkward if the sectionals are on the compact side.

How do I blend an L-shaped sectional with existing decor?

It’s common for an L-shaped sectional to become a room’s focal point, but there’s still plenty you can do to help integrate it into your decor for a cohesive look:

Color coordination: The right color combination makes living rooms look and feel stylish. A vibrant L-shaped sectional in red, green, or deep blue can serve as a statement piece among soft or neutral decor. If you'd prefer a more harmonious look, choose a sectional with similar tones and shades to the rest of the room.

Style matching: Match the sectional style with your room’s decor. For instance, modern sectionals go well in contemporary spaces, while plush models feel most at home in traditional settings.

Accents and accessories: Blend in your sectionals by including pillows to add color and texture. Wall decor is also a terrific way to create a matching look, and playing with lighting will help strike the right mood. You can also lay down an area rug to define the space and set the stage for your L-shaped sectional.