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Sheets & Pillowcases

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Sheets & Pillowcases

Your sheets and pillowcases play a vital role in ensuring you get the best rest each night. Learn how to choose the best sheets and pillowcases for your sleeping preferences.

How To Choose the Best Sheets & Pillowcases:

To outfit your bed, you need a fitted sheet that encompasses the top and sides of the mattress, a freestanding top layer that goes over your body, and pillowcases. There are many different types of fabrics, weaves, and thread counts to suit your sleeping preferences.


Sheets and pillowcases come in cotton, linen, flannel, silk, and more material types. These fabrics keep you comfortable and moderate body temperature.

The material you choose will vary based on personal preference. If you get hot while you sleep, consider a fabric that wicks away heat and moisture. Sensitive sleepers want an allergen-free material to help keep their skin free from irritants.

These factors influence the material type to help you find maximum comfort. Here are some popular fabrics:

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