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Nursery Chairs

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Nursery Chairs

The Nursery Chairs Guide

Snuggling with your little one before bed, resting your feet during feedings, and cozying up for storytime - you will spend countless hours during your little’s ones' first years in a nursery chair. But how do you choose the nursery chair that is the perfect calming respite?

If you’re looking for a comfortable and supportive place to prop up your feet and spend quality time with your new baby, find your ideal nursery chair with our buying guide.

Different Types of Nursery Chairs

When choosing the best nursery chair for your space, there are two popular options. Here are the differences between a rocking chair and a nursery glider to help you decide on a comfortable and supportive place for all those feedings, rockings, and cuddles.

Rocking Chair

The traditional nursery seating, a rocking chair [1] has been a beloved addition for sharing snuggles and soothing babies to sleep. With a soft rhythmic motion, a rocking chair generally sits on curved legs and sways back and forth.

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