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Bathroom Vanities

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Bathroom Vanities

The Bathroom Vanities Guide

Whether for a smaller powder room or a master bath, a vanity can completely change the look and feel of any bathroom. Since the bathroom is an area of the home often used for more personal and quiet moments, your choice makes a difference.

Choosing the right vanity is a challenging decision. If you’re looking to outfit a brand-new bathroom or are replacing already-existing fixtures, keep reading to learn more about shopping for bathroom vanities.

How To Select the Correct Bathroom Vanity Size

You may be surprised to discover how many sizing and setup options are available for your bathroom vanity. Make sure to measure the existing vanity or the space you have for a new piece. Take width, height, and depth into consideration.

Single vs. Double Vanities

Determine whether you’re in the market for a single or double vanity. A single vanity has one sink, while a double vanity has two. Double vanities are typically wide enough for two individuals to use their respective sinks at the same time.

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