Tropical Style Decor & Furniture

Furniture & Decor Featuring Tropical Patterns

Whether you live in the tropics or just want to add a touch of island flavor to your home, our collection of tropical-style furniture has everything you need to turn any room into a personal, private oasis. Textural weaves and warm woods bring the style to life in beautiful detail. From gorgeous bedrooms down to the smallest rug or painting, our growing collection of tropical-style furniture is sure to please. Island life is only a few clicks away.

Living Room

Turn your living room into an oasis with tropical-style furniture. Decorate a tropical sofa using throw pillows featuring palm-frond prints and soothing blue waves. Then, add texture to your tropical living room with an earthy brown tropical accent chair featuring a woven rattan frame and cotton fabric seat.

Looking for more tropical living room ideas? Use furniture that emphasizes warmth, bright colors and exotic motifs. A tropical coffee table with a cane or bamboo frame lends a warm, earthy look to your layout. Meanwhile, tropical end tables with motifs of colorful birds, sea life and swaying palm trees add striking color and beauty to your tropical design.


When decorating a tropical bedroom, focus on creating a relaxing space. Some calming tropical bedroom ideas include the use of cool blues and greens to offset bright colors or dark wood accents. For example, pastel green sheets and a tropical comforter set with leafy prints or delicate blue flowers create a naturally soothing vibe.

To complete your tropical style room, look for pieces that support a curated look. A tropical bed with a rattan or light wood headboard has a bright and airy feel, making it the perfect focal point. Plus, it pairs well with other tropical bedroom furniture, such as a tropical nightstand and dresser with similar finishes.

Dining Room

Extend those sunny vibes and soothing sensations into your dining room with tropical furniture that highlights breezy, happy decor. Pair a wooden tropical dining table with wicker-wrapped tropical dining chairs for a natural, textured look. Also, consider including bright green, orange or red tie-on cushions as a cheerful accent.

Another way to achieve a bright, breezy tropical dining room is to have natural light shining throughout. Set tropical dining room sets near open windows, sliding glass or French doors that lead to your patio. If you have an open floor plan, blend this look into your tropical kitchen with flora and fauna-themed tablecloths, dish towels, mats and window valances.


Tropical decor makes decorating in a tropical interior design style effortless. Brighten up your entire home with tropical chandeliers and lamps that have warm stained-glass shades, organic bases and braided rattan or bronze accents. Vivid tropical rugs instantly lift the look and feel of your living room sectional, sunroom or dining room ensemble.

Decorate every room with tropical wall art and nature-inspired decor like metal sculptures and paintings of parrots, palm trees and more. Working from home feels like a staycation with tropical desks and wicker storage baskets. Enhance your design with a real or artificial plant that has large, leafy fronds to complement your patterned accent pillows or slipcovers.