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Decorative Pillows

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Decorative Pillows

The Decorative Pillows Guide

Purchasing a sofa for your living room is such a big step, it can be easy to forget about what additional decorating you may want to involve it in afterward. Enter: decorative throw pillows. These small but mighty design details can be a wonderful way to change up the look of a couch (and in turn, the whole room) without needing to commit to an entirely new sofa.

But as tempting as it may be to simply throw decorative pillows on the couch and call it a day, the difference between a room looking sloppy vs. well-curated comes down to being more thoughtful about incorporating these accent pieces. Read on for more.

How To Select Pillows

Selecting decorative pillows will primarily depend on personal preference and the pre-existing interior of your home, but there are a few other variables to think about as well.

Consider the size of your couch.

Decorative pillows are there to add a little extra oomph—not completely take over the sofa. Stick to pillows that are in proportional measurements for a look that’s balanced as opposed to overwhelming.

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