Casual with an air of nostalgia, cottagecore style is a softer take on rustic and farmhouse looks. Here’s how to achieve the looks using pastel colors, natural decor, and comfortable furniture.

How To Decorate in a Cottagecore Style

Cottagecore style is all about prioritizing comfort and a soft, romantic look. Set the homey yet elevated tone by choosing furnishings that have a classic or vintage silhouette. Layer textiles, like quilts and pillows, over furniture for a more plush and lived-in feel.

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Classic Silhouettes

Cottagecore styles have a homey, lived-in look. Consider vintage and classic silhouettes for your main furniture pieces.
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Pastel Hues

Bright, airy pastels are the hallmarks of a cottagecore design. Your design should emulate the refreshing feeling of a spring day.

Natural Decor

Accent your cottagecore design with decor that plays on natural elements. Florals and earthy texture are the perfect complements to a cottage style.

Solid Wood

Tap into the charm of classic wood — especially handmade and simple furniture. Just steer away from heavy-looking furniture that skews rustic.

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Create a welcoming, cozy retreat for you and your guests with a cottagecore-style living room.
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