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Kids Desks

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It’s hard to believe how quickly our little ones go from exploring the life around them, to putting their own ideas out into the world. And, similarly to adults, a new desk is a great way to create space for kids of all ages to do their best work. But where do you get started, and what qualities should you be searching for? We’ve got all the basics covered in our comprehensive guide below.

Before You Buy

Make Space

You don’t want a desk to make your child’s room feel too crowded. Take proper measurements to ensure there is enough space to pull out a chair and still be able to walk around it. A good rule of thumb is to leave at least 2 feet around the perimeter.

Find Age-appropriate Options

The needs of a toddler are going to vary drastically from those of a pre-teen. Younger kids spend most of their time “at work” drawing, coloring, or using puzzles, while older kids begin to build out their tech-centric surfaces. You should also keep in mind that you’ll want to properly align the height of the desk with your child’s height.

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