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Lucca Mirror - Weathered Grey
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How do I involve my child in the decorating process?

Start by asking your child what colors or themes they love. If they love animals or the bright blues of the sea, there are many accents and accessories to match. From there, take your child with you and ask them to pick out one key piece of decor that matches their style and mood. Next, you can work together to create a beautiful, fun, and cohesive space.

How to keep the kids' decor from looking busy?

Prevent a kid’s room from looking cluttered and overwhelmed with storage. Boxes, bins, and baskets that can store these items out of sight when not in use will make for a clean and refreshed space. Opt for multifunctional furniture like a storage ottoman or a bed with drawers to get the most use out of your space and items.

What storage solutions are best for storing toys?

Shelves and baskets are great solutions for storing toys. Not only do they help teach your child to clean up after themselves, but they help limit the amount of toys they play with at a time. Storage ottomans, storage beds, bookshelves, and cute baskets are all great furnishings to keep their rooms clutter-free.
From a cute and cozy throw blanket to a floor pillow big enough to dive into, accessories and accents in your kid’s bedrooms or playrooms add personality and create a fun atmosphere.

When it comes to kids' accessories and accents, the options for sprucing up a bedroom or playroom are endless. Let the creativity flow, and ask your child for input.

Adding accessories and accents based on your child’s interests and preferences is a great way to make kids feel at home while inspiring creativity. From a few loving touches to a complete decor overhaul, provides a curated selection of accessories and accents to refresh your kid’s bedroom or playroom.

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